Windows Phone 7 'Mango' wish list 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 6:52 PM

While my wish list for Windows Phone 7 back from October 2010 is still valid and remains un-addressed, there was one positive news I happened to read in the recent past. That was Skype releasing a version for Windows Phone 7. Now that is interesting, and here is why;

Skype has a version of their software which works really well (and I mean really) on the Verizon network. It seamlessly integrates with the phone, works and acts like the phone (not just from the speaker, but through the handset as well) and best of all Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Now Skype is in the process of releasing a version of Skype Mobile (Verizon version) for the hTC Thunderbolt on the Android platform (not to be confused with Skype for Android). With that release Verizon subscribers will have the option of Video calls using Skype (which is not a Microsoft or Verizon proprietary platform), thanks to the front facing camera. Now the hTC Thunderbolt is on 4G LTE and has a mini Wi-Fi hotspot that can be turned on.

So unlike my blog post from October 2010, where the comparison was more closely with iPhone 4, this time round, it adds on the Android platform and a big carrier Verizon to the mix. Verizon has already announced multiple Android devices targeted for the holiday season 2011 and there is not even a mention of Windows Phone 7 in their pipeline. The ‘Mango’ release for Windows Phone 7 has a lot of promise, but still is really a catch-up. So when do I get to use a Windows Phone again (believe me I want to, and I will, if required for professional reasons) with all my wish list addressed?

P.S. I still strongly believe that Microsoft needs to revisit and include more aspects to the hardware specification. What better time than, when a big update is being announced.

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