OliveLite Source Code Release 0.0.2 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011 9:52 AM

There is now a new source code release 0.0.2 for OliveLite. This release expands upon the previous release. In my previous blog post regarding OliveLite I did state that this release will not be focused on additional features, but I suppose what I really meant was no additional plugins. This release adds the Search feature. It is now possible to search across all content within the OliveLite system. This has been implemented using the Lucene.NET and HTML Agility Pack packages. This release also demonstrates how the plugins contribute to the search index by implementing the ‘Reindex’ action on their controllers. Here is highlights of the enhancements in this release:

  • Bug fixes, Business logic fixes.
  • Plugin authorization for Business Units.
  • Lucene Search Engine Integration.
  • Ability to display or hide address and map on Contact Form.
  • Ability for Administrator to Edit HtmlContent & WikiPages from page itself.

For the next release I’m planning to include the Forums plugin. This will enable Forum discussions on the OliveLite site. OliveLite is growing and some of the feedback that I’m receiving via other sources are really great. The Forums will help centralize the feedback mechanism in one place and make it convenient for everyone following OliveLite to provide their feedback. Additionally, I’m planning on the following enhancements:

  • Bug fixes, Business logic fixes.
  • Additional Themes.
  • Theme Registration.
  • Opt-in on Contact Form.
  • Forums Plugin.

For more information on OliveLite, please visit the project website at http://olivelite.com

For now, please be sure to provide feedback on this blog post or on Codeplex.

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