IE9, WP7, Silverlight, HTML5 and Windows Azure 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 3:44 PM

PDC 2010 has been really interesting. Probably the biggest stir is the ongoing debate of Silverlight vs. HTML5. However, I feel there are much more pointers beyond this simple debate. I read a publicly posted memo by a Microsoft official (which I believe most of you have), which talks about a post-pc world that is connected continuously by devices.

So what does the post-pc world really look like? Let us name a few existing products/services today. iPod, iPad, Google TV, Seagate Home Theater+, PS3, XBox + Kinect, iPhone/iPod Touch, Blackberry, Ford Fusion with Microsoft Sync, Pandora, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple TV, Tom Tom GPS, Windows Phone 7, HP Mini Netbook, Nintendo Wii, Google Search, Bing, Slingbox

In the previous PDC, we talked about 3 screen – 1. PC, 2. TV, 3.Phone. From the list above, I see many more screens (some virtual), don’t you? So it is not about just 3 screens anymore. However, you do get Netflix via iPad, Google TV, Seagate Home Theater+ and of course the PC and maybe someday on the Phone. I would certainly love to watch my DVR at home while I’m commuting, at least for the evening news (enter Slingbox, but why Sling, why can’t my favorite news channel have a live video feed in the cloud?). And then we ‘Google’ (may be via Bing) everything these days.

My point is – It may not be impossible, but pretty difficult to try and find one solution or technology to address all the scenarios above and it will take multiple technologies to work in tandem to achieve what we desire (that includes Silverlight & HTML5, not Silverlight or HTML5). But what seems to be eminent is that all digital services will be hosted in some sort of cloud and rendered via the most appropriate hardware for delivering that specific service, keeping it very simple for an average consumer and not made for a geek like me.

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