HTC Thunderbolt Software Update 1.70.605.0 

Friday, July 15, 2011 11:50 AM

There were huge expectations surrounding this software update for the Thunderbolt.

  • Upgrade Android OS to Gingerbread (2.3.4)
  • Skype Video Calling
  • GTalk Video Chat

Instead none of these made it. They are slated for a rumored 2.07.605.2 release. So what is in the current update? It seems that the pretense was to fix the intermittent device reboot issue. Here are the officially listed things included in the current update:


However, under that pretense, what really Verizon is doing is supporting their new policy of discontinuing their unlimited data plan. The My Verizon and Data Usage Widget from above is in direct support of that policy change. Thunderbolt also supports the Mobile Hotspot which was open for use prior to this update, but now this app is changed and you need to call Verizon to get it enabled (possibly for a fee). So not only do you not get the expected new functionality, but a bunch of existing functionality is crippled.

This may sound like I don’t recommend the update, but for most consumers this may not be an issue. The tech savvy folks need to decide if the reboot fix / Data Usage Widget are worth giving up some of existing functionality.

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