Deepak Chitnis has been associated with Information technology since 1987. During the course of his vast career, he has been a programmer, an analyst, a developer, a planner, an architect and a manager. He has experience designing and constructing data-centric solutions in several markets including manufacturing, finance and music. As of now, he works as Manager, Solution Developer for Avanade, Inc (an Accenture + Microsoft joint venture).

The intent with this blog is to bring all the ideas and the thoughts from various disciplines in one place. It could serve as a learning center for many, drawing from technological as well as life experiences, that he has gained during the course of time. This is certainly intended to be fun and so you will see a lot of content in the coming days, not necessarily in the form of written words, but also in the form of videos, presentations and pictures.

Please do use the Contact page to write to him in a general context and you are always welcome to comment on his posts.

He sincerely appreciates you taking time to read his blog. You can view his professional profile on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/deepakchitnis

Thank you.